Thursday, October 16, 2014

Bear & aquamarine

This is most likely my last post this week as my weekend will be spent at the fair, and tomorrow is spent packing/traveling. Will do my best getting some footage and pictures for a video for my YouTube :)

I fired a couple of the bronze clay pieces I've had lying on the table for a while - a bowl and a bear.
I gave the bear some darkening patina ad glued it to the aquamarine, and when looking at it, I realized that the gemstone has almost the same color as one of my other patinas (swellegant tiffanygreen/rust) - so I added a small amount of that to the bear as well. Really happy with the way it turned out; Old looking :)

The bear is approx 2.3 cm in length (approx 2.5 before firing)    :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Danish pastries

Was making danish pastries for the fair today :) And they'll be up as a tutorial on my YouTube in a few hours. I made 4 types; Spandauer, Cremesnitte, Hindbærsnitte & Kajkage.

And of course I arranged them on ripped open paper bags, haha.
I think it's a very danish thing to do - though I of course can't say if you do it in other countries as well.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Miniature cherry tarts & sushi

The miniature fair is in a few days.. Actually, I only have 2 more days to prepare (Wednesday and Thursday), because Friday is spent packing, traveling and setting up the stand...

I've got no where near the amount of stuff I'd like, but it's very limited how much more I'll be able to make in 2 days, so I should probably just accept the quantity.

I made some cherries, because I needed some for a couple of projects - one of which was these little cherry tarts :)

There is going to be a tutorial up on YouTube at some point, but I can't say exactly when - I've pre-recorded a few videos, and am hoping I'll be able to continue with keeping a small 'stock' of videos ready to edit, in case there are any upload-days I won't be able to record anything.

Also made some small plates of sushi. This is another thing I wanted to make an updated tutorial for, so it'll be up as a video as well,.. at some point - probably soon. :)

The 'large pieces of sushi', like the omelet, salmon and shrimp are approx 4mm in length (not counting the tail of the shrimp).